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Website Design by, Inc.
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We evaluate your web site and advise on:

  1. General appearance. How you look to an unbiased outsider.

  2. Appearance relative to subject, product or service. Does your image really complement your product?

  3. Ease of navigation. Do your visitors get 'lost' in your site and leave for something simpler?

  4. Browser compatibility. Does your site work with all leading browsers? (many do not).

  5. Slow and dead graphics. Are all those images necessary? How long does each take to load? Do your visitors get bored and go elsewhere? Are your animated gif's killing you?

  6. Poor grammar/spelling. Your text must be easy to read and your textual content fluent.

  7. Text and font selection. Your font and text sizes are important. We show you where to make emphasis through text and font selection and where not to.

  8. Missing or broken links. Many sites are plagued by this phenomenon!

Then, just as you think it's all over....

We summarize our findings by taking a subjective view on:
  • Your sales, Internet marketing and product idea.

  • Security - does your site instill confidence in your visitors?

  • Are you making full use of all the selling, marketing and web site promotion techniques available to you.

  • Would we deal with your company?

To get your creative juices flowing, here are 24 powerful Internet marketing strategies to develop your Internet business presence and pump up the traffic to your web site:
  1. Use opt-in email lists (never spam!).
  2. Capture the email address of every person who visits your site and build an in-site mailing list.
  3. Apply for and win awards.
  4. Soft Consult On Newsgroups.
  5. Soft Consult On Mailing Lists.
  6. Use carefully prepared signature files.
  7. Use paid banner ads on web sites.
  8. Use free banner exchange services.
  9. Develop positive word of Net publicity.
  10. Use targeted link swapping.
  11. Use free publicity strategies.
  12. Send out press releases.
  13. Advertise with on-line mailing lists, newsletters, and magazines.
  14. Use free and paid classified advertising.
  15. Advertise through cybermalls.
  16. Post to newsgroups for advertisers.
  17. Place marketing materials and product information or samples on FTP & Gopher Sites.
  18. Use an autoresponder.
  19. Create your own newsgroup.
  20. Start your own discussion/mailing list.
  21. Start your own electronic newsletter.
  22. Network with other sites listed at the top of search engine listings.
  23. Use frequent contests, give-aways and other site hosted events.
  24. Make full use of traditional advertising avenues.


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