Stock Patterns for Day Trading
Written by a professional full time stock trader who makes his living from short term trading in individual stocks, this book discloses, in detail, the strategies and methods he uses in his own trading, and provides invaluable advice to those who seek to profit from short term and intraday price swings.
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The Electronic Day Trader
"Fast-turnaround day trading profits in today's stock market are open to everyone. . .everyone, that is, who isn't intimidated by savvy market makers and knowledgeable traders."
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How I Made $2 Million in the Stock Market
"An extraordinary book and a contemporary American stock market classic. It tells one of the most unusual success stories in the history of the stock market."
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Trading for a Living
"Superb book which is both highly informative, and also delightful reading. Covers 3 primary skills essential to successful trading: Psychology, market analysis and trading methods, and principles of money management."
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Hit and Run Trading II
"If you thought Hit and Run Trading was a valuable resource, your will find Hit and Run II even more valuable. Jeff Cooper's reveals 17 newley revealed trading strategies; readily identifiable patterns you can count on consistently. AND, YES you can profit from Hit and Run Trading II even if you have read the original Hit and Run Trading."
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A Professional Look at S&P Day Trading
"A must education for Day Traders! The entire focus of this book is on the author’s own method of evaluating the market and making trading decisions. The primary tools he uses are one, two, and ten minute bar charts, combined with trendline analysis, cyclical analysis, and the use of stochastic indicator analysis in multiple time frames. "
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Technically Speaking: Tips & Techniques From 16 Top Analysts
"Features in-depth interviews with 16 of the top technical analysts in the US. The intent of the book is to expand the readers existing knowledge of technical analysis by tapping the expertise of successful and prominent analysts, and also to disclose many of the caveats linked to particular technical indicators."
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Secrets For Profiting In Bull & Bear Markets
Stock investors oriented to the long term will find a gold mine of specific ideas on how to pick big winners in this book. Its easy to see why it was voted the best investment book of the year in 1989 by Stock Trader's Almanac.
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Secrets of the SOES Bandit
"Market makers on Wall Street don’t like to talk about Harvey Houtkin. When they are forced to discuss this electronic trading pioneer, they’re fond of using several nicknames---monikers like Bandit, Shark, and Electronic Highwayman."
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Traders Guide to Technical Analysis
"Overviews the technical approach to market analysis. Covers: Dow Theory, Elliott Wave Theory, the plotting and interpretation of charts, trendline analysis, complete section on chart pattern analysis, forecasting indicators, channels, support/resistance and consolidation, the use of moving averages for signals, evaluation and trading and much more."
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Options Trading Camp Video Study Course
Options: Everybody's favorite investment horror story. The secret to success in trading options and commodities, according to options expert Kenneth Trester, is simple but demanding: Learn how options and the options markets function, then work the options markets the way the professionals do.
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Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
"This reprint of the 1923 classic has become over the years one of the most widely sought after and read books ever published on the stock market."
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